Friday, April 30, 2010

best of the week

the warm-up for one of the days this week was "if you could visit anywhere in the world where would it be?" these are my favorite responses:


"i would go to paris france by the eiffel tower and eat pasta."
(when i told another class about this one, someone said)
"wait, paris people are not italy."

"i would go to heaven to see all God's powerful creatures like Addonias."
p.s. i think she got this from a si-fy movie, but when i googled it, all i got was this bobo website.

"i would like to visit china because i think they're going to have flying cars soon."

after school, there were 3 kids staying back to do work. they realized they each had asperger's disorder and starting talking about what they had dealt with so far. they each named a variety of meds and how they messed them up. one girl said that she used to be so o.c.d. that when she was collecting rocks, she would try and dig them out of the sidewalk (if it was like a cement/gravel blend) until her little fingers bled. it was cool to see them all connecting even if it was a bummer to hear about the hard times. anyway, they were talking about the outdoors and one of the boys said,

"oh yeah, i saw a mountain lion at yellowstone." and the girl said,
"mannn. why does everyone see a mountain lion but me?! i've been looking for one my whole life."

i started losing it at the emphatic proclamation, and she followed up with,

"what? people think i'm country because i've been near a moose."

"nuff said," i thought, "nuff said."


Kellette said...

amazing and, aren't you supposed to be at work?!

Templeton said...

I've always wanted to see a mountain lion too.

art so troublesome said...

These are so good.

sarah said...

hahah! oh my computer clock is messed up and i don't know why it posts it wonky! i wish i could blawg at work!